Our New Website and The Virtues of Messing Around

March 7, 2012 11:42 pm / by / no comments

As designers, we are devoted tinkerers and grazers. We love to discover things, both old and new, then mess around with them. This is why technology and social media are irresistible to the likes of us – programs to fiddle with and ideas to mash up = creative joy!   NASHBOX nurtures idiosyncratic experimentation and, as a result, is in a constant state of flux. Visitors are often surprised at the range of work being produced here. At any given time, we could be scheming on how to revolutionize e-publishing, devising new ways to think about logos and logo design or creating a national puppet-based advertising campaign.

Embracing change, we’ve updated our website to reflect the eclectic and ever branching nature of our studio. This new NASHBOX site is not “fancy” but is designed to keep you up to date. We will share our finished work and also our unpublished work including ideas, ruminations and inspirations, so that you can see how we tick.  We are determined that the portfolio section be not only an archive of our past work but a dynamic gallery where new work is offered up frequently.

As always, what we enjoy most is the collaborative relationship we have with both our peers and our clients, so this blog section will be a place for us to engage you. Join us as we explore the trivial and the momentous topics that we are excited about or puzzling over…we look forward to the conversation!


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